Randima Fernando

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"I have known and worked with Randima for nearly 8 years and he is a true treasure. He brings a wealth of experience and thoughtful process to anyone he is working with. I believe he will be an excellent mentor and coach based on what I've seen him accomplish with his team over the years. He has both broad strategic vision and also very sound tactical instincts, and everything he touched became more vibrant and prosperous. Working with him in any capacity will enrich you."

- Dinabandhu Sarley, Program Officer, 1440 Foundation


"Having funded numerous nonprofits over the years, I can say that very few have the managerial talent that Randy offers. Even fewer actually emerge from uncertain, nascent markets as strongly as Mindful Schools did, even with the best at the helm. Randy did an exceptional job of strategically integrating growth with values to materialize a vision that has helped so many educators and students."

- Martha Bolinger, Director, The Trust for the Meditation Process


"As Senior Program Officer at Kalliopeia Foundation, I had the pleasure of working with Randy for years while he led Mindful Schools through complex transitions and impressive growth, helping the organization maintain and extend its leadership in the burgeoning mindfulness field. By combining his strong technical aptitudes and dedicated spirit of service, Randy was consistently an exemplary leader and astute tactician, evoking trust and confidence in his thought processes, responsiveness, creativity, and - always - his affable nature. Randy's skill-set is broad and deep and he will bring value to any organization."

- Alan Zulch, Senior Director, Tamalpais Trust


"Randy is an exemplary, proactive individual who gets fully invested in his projects. At NVIDIA, he took on significant challenges, such as writing and editing the multiple books we published, paving the way for success with his diligence. I could always trust that Randy would work hard and thoughtfully to completion, even in uncharted territory, while exuding a positive attitude."

- Chris Seitz, Global Account Manager, Intel Corporation


"Mindful Schools is among a very small elite of high performing, innovative nonprofits that have played a key role in creating a field and in doing so have become a beacon for how to scale with fidelity to quality. Randy is an exemplar leader who took Mindful Schools to new heights, staying true to his principles and acting with mindfulness."

- Denis Udall, Program Officer, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

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